The Grand Delusion

The Grand Delusion

“Remember we’re in the presence of God.”

“I will pray for you.”

“God will help us.”

“Thank God we made it out alive.”

We credit God with everything good in our lives. We implore God to help us with everything that is bad in our lives. We praise God.

Well here’s a dose of reality. If God is worthy of thanks for the person who survived the car crash, then God is also responsible for NOT saving the life of the one who died. If God has blessed us with an abundance of food, he is to be blamed for the lack of food in other parts of the world where people are dying of starvation.

So should we be angry at God then? No, of course not. God is a figment; its all a delusion. God is our delusion.

It’s a grand delusion because the delusion is so hard to see. People will argue to the death about whether or not God is real. Churches use the words “real,” true,” and “we believe” all the time to foster the delusion. Why do they have to use such terms? We don’t use those terms for things that are actually real.

Can’t you just let me live in my own delusion? Of course! But it will cost you plenty! It will cost you money and it will cost you time. Every hour you spend worshiping an imaginary being is an hour not spent doing something real. And the prayer thing–it really doesn’t work. Here’s a video about prayer:

Here are a couple of other links about prayer:

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If my car stops working, I can pray about it, but the car never gets fixed that way.

It’s time to get real…


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