Faith is not a Reliable Reasoning Process

Faith is not a Reliable Reasoning Process

Fundamentally, faith is not a reliable reasoning process. Belief without evidence isn’t wise. Try to get beyond what you’ve always known to be true and begin to ask questions to validate or invalidate those beliefs.

Ask yourself how you know something to be true. How do you know the sun will come up in the morning? How do you know the earth is round? How do you know your spouse or child loves you? Make a list. Do you apply the criteria on your list to things you believe to be true about God?

Ask yourself how you know whether or not something works? How do you know that communication takes place over the telephone? How do you know your car engine works? How do you know if a medication is effective? Make a list. Do you apply the criteria on your list to such things as prayer?

Ask how you know if a written work is credible. Do you apply these criteria to the Bible?

If you are firmly entrenched in your beliefs (as I was) and you have never challenged those beliefs, perhaps it would be wise to listen to opposing views. Just be open to the possibility that you may not yet have been exposed to all the information you need.

Start with one or both of these books:

Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion (Dawkins is very good but can come off as a bit arrogant. Get past this and read what he has to say.)

David Mills – Atheist Universe

There are a number of other great books available. Search for some of these titles in pdf form:
The Magic of Reality – Richard Dawkins
101 Contradictions in the Bible
God is not Great – Christopher Hitchens
Losing Faith in Faith – Dan Barker
Breaking the Spell – Religion as a Natural Phenomenon – Daniel C. Dennett
Jesus Interrupted – Bart Ehrman
The Bible Unearthed – Israel Finkelstein
Atheism – The Case Against God – George Smith
The GOD Part of the Brain – Matthew Alper
Why I am Not a Christian – Bertrand Russell
Letter to a Christian Nation – Sam Harris
The End of Faith – Sam Harris
God – The Failed Hypothesis – Victor Stenger
We Believe That Reality Does Matter

Here are a few good Web sites too:

If you prefer watching videos, check out on YouTube, “The Root of All Evil” Parts 1 and 2. Also, go to and check out Edward Tarte’s videos on religion. He is an atheist who once was a Catholic priest. He is dry but give him a chance–his wisdom and direct approach may open your eyes.

All the best to you, my friend.


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