Masters and Minions

Masters and Minions

Are you a master or a minion?

In the Despicable Me world, minions are “naive and impulsive with little self control.” In the real world, minions are also naive and are controlled by others. In the real world, people who are in control (of themselves and/or others), I will call masters.

As you can guess, I would recommend you not be a minion! You are a minion if you allow others to dominate you. If others compel you by an unverifiable belief system or by religious guilt, or by lording power over you in some other way, then I am here to help you make the shift from minion to master.

Priests, pastors, and religious (brothers, sisters) all consider themselves to be masters. They are in charge of their minions and exercise power over them –possibly you and/or your children. They set themselves up as representatives of God with dictates of behavior that include sexual repression, financial obligation, and obligations of servitude toward the church. They reinforce these dictates by regular and frequent formal rituals of worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals; and less formal prayer, retreats, counseling opportunities, prison ministries, etc. Fundamentally, they are NOT representatives of God as God is imaginary. Once you realize this, the power these people wield over you vanishes.



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