About Us

A Thinking Thomas is like a Doubting Thomas


ThinkingThomas.org is an organization dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking. A “Thinking Thomas” is very much like a “Doubting Thomas” only better because one actually thinks not just doubts. A Thinking Thomas therefore can work to understand the pervasive nature of myths, memes, and religion. A Thinking Thomas can break free from the bondage of religion, and anything found to be false, and actually live real life.

You might find a fellow Thinking Thomas living in Chicago, Malibu, Mississippi State (MSU), New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Peachtree, Asheville, Ft. Worth, and perhaps even your hometown. You can be a Thinking Thomas and you don’t have to join anything or declare it to anyone. All you have to do is step back from the things which do not make good logical sense and think. Ask question, read, yes–doubt–in fact doubt or question everything, but most importantly, THINK!

The ThinkerThinking Thomas is about actually thinking! It is about thinking critically, thinking logically, considering all that we know to be true when we evaluate whether or not anything presented to us is true, valid, or otherwise worthy of our consideration.