Thomas is the primary author of this blog. A professional educator, Thomas enjoys the pedagogy of thinking and learning.  He enjoys analyzing his own learning process as well as helping young people reach their academic potential. He has little patience for those who manipulate others using religion.

Thomas was a devoted believer for many years and held numerous offices and responsibilities in his church. As one who is constantly analyzing and evaluating, it became apparent that many, if not most religious beliefs, are contradicted by science and reason. He subsequently dismissed those beliefs. In the years since, he has learned more than ever about religion and its influence on society.

Succarum is Latin for “Sugar,” a fitting name for an author who is both smart and sweet. Currently in college, Succarum is an active member in the Secular Student Alliance. She studies various cultures including her own, and various aspects of culture, including religion, from an objective, comparative point of view. She has always viewed religion from an outsider view and sometimes has a hard time understanding the “insider” mentality. She acknowledged her lack of belief in middle school, but continued attending church, youth group, and church camp (and was even confirmed in her church) until her family finally left the church for social reasons when she was in high school.